Steps on choosing the best temp staffing agency for Temporary Workforce


Steps on choosing the best temp staffing agency for Temporary Workforce

Staffing agencies plays a vital role in sourcing temporary workers alike General Labor, Forklift Operator, Bakery Mixers to businesses in Ontario. Many decent size businesses comprising of a warehouse and production facilities relies on Seasonal Workforce for managing the day-to-day operations. 

It is definite that you must have encountered working with staffing agencies if you work in Human Resources of a warehouse, bakery, food & beverages, manufacturing alike companies in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Many well-known businesses have been involved working with Temp Staffing Agencies at times for more than a decade and required Workforce is a greater number crossing 100’s for which businesses works with multiple staffing agencies on an average 3-5 ensuring the workforce requirement is met. 

However, the year 2023 has not been the same as a few small temp staffing agencies went out of business. One of the major factor is the new regulation for staffing agencies for having a license and due to Economic conditions.

There are hundreds of staffing agencies found in the Greater Toronto Area

There are many staffing agencies which exists in the Greater Toronto Area. To be precise, search query for Staffing Agencies in Toronto on google will result hundreds of staffing agencies. Considering, it leads to confusion and dilemma for the business personnel to finalize one entity (staffing agency) amongst all the best temp staffing agency for temporary workforce. All TEMP Staffing Agencies look forward to delivering the best services so how a business personnel can decide which one is the best? That is what we will discuss now in 8 simple yet effective steps:

1. Visit the Website

Always assess in detail when reviewing a website for staffing agency as initially search is begin. Conduct a thoroughly assessment of the website. Key aspects to monitor is the overall branding of the website whether it has been professionally created or not. Scrutinize the combination of color used for theme creation of the website if matches the color present in company LOGO or not.

2. Try to use the contact form or online chat for the initial contact

When you are ready to make a contact to grasp brief information try to use the contact page form or use the online chat feature to make the request of more information. This will allow to experience the efficiency of the team reaching you back together with monitoring if the key form is operational or errors are discovered. 

3. Assess the social media presence

Many business professionals gives least importance assessing the presence of a certain staffing agency on social media channels importantly LINKEDIN. It is important to assess the Linkedin company page for a certain staffing agency and monitor the frequency of activities if the company page is being maintained or is active today. This will allow to conceptualize the overall image of a particular team presence in an entity (Staffing Agency).

4. Speak with the sales team over the call

Before making face-to-face contact it is extremely important allowing a sales representative from the respective staffing agency to communicate either on a brief call or via video conferencing. Most of the communication takes place over the phone and emails while in the process of working with staffing agencies. Communicating over the phone will allow to assess the efficiency of overall team of particular staffing agency and will be able to have the first impression.

5. Schedule an in-person meeting before anything

All temp staffing agencies should be capable of sourcing TEMPS as needed by a business organization. There is no agency that may not deliver honestly. What is different and matters is the people associated with the staffing agency. How reliable and responsible they are? You are about to make a crucial decision for on-boarding a TEMP Staffing Agency and without meeting the sales personnel, a doubt will always remain. It is utmost important to call in the sales team for presenting their services and only positivity is found trustable connection is made, make your final decision. In the end, it is the people in the organization you work with and not the organization itself!

6. Importantly, negotiate the Mark-Up that benefits both the parties

Alike any business staffing agencies exist to conduct successful business as well. It is extremely important regardless of any business to business relationship to understand the party involved. Of course, you would not like to indulge in partnership which will result in losses or zero profit. 

Signing a staffing agency is crucial as your warehouse or the production facility will rely on people sourced from a particular staffing firm. For any business relationship to work requires honesty, commitment, responsibility and maturity. 

As a Human Resources Manager or plant manager you would not want to be questioned on on-boarding a staffing agency who may not be able to deliver due to certain terms and conditions for what the staffing agency did not even consider your firm as a priority.

Each party should understand the situation and initialize a business relationship on fair terms and conditions allowing both the parties to win in the end.

7. Verify and ensure the processes

For every temp staffing agency operating today have certain mechanism on deliverance of services. Verify and ensure if all processes meets the compliance regulation or not. In the end, information presented by staffing agencies should be transparent and provided as requested. Ensure processes meets legal compliance requirement that is WSIB certification, Employees Payroll and etc.

8. Refrain working with staffing agencies who do not comply with new regulation

A business personnel who plans to on-board a new staffing agency should be aware about the new regulation effective from JULY 1ST, 2024 which states all temp staffing agencies should comply with license requirement to operate further before July 1st, 2024. 

TIP: If you are in relation with a staffing agency that have not yet applied for the license, it is time that you may explore and start reviewing new Temp Staffing Agency. In order to check the license status for a staffing agency please CLICK HERE.

If a request on your desk came up for reviewing new Temp Staffing Agency to manage TEMPS for the warehouse, manufacturing, production, bakery or for shipping facility, which requires assistance with TEMPORARY WORKFORCE reach out to APPOINT STAFFING for initial discussion. As suggested above, start with contacting us through the CONTACT FORM or chat with us online.

We look forward to speak with you and as we know that you want the best and we find the best! 

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