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Facts & Questions

How different is Appoint Staffing from other agencies?  

We come across this question a lot from companies who potentially reach us for business. We have a simple answer for them. Until and unless you experience our services how will you know that we are different from other agencies? We, as a best staffing agency in Toronto do business only if we are eligible and capable to meet our client’s requirements. As there are many other agencies in the market as well open to new business.

Is Appoint Staffing able to manage volume order and deliver?  

Appoint Staffing is very much capable and eligible to manage high volume order and deliver. Appoint Staffing Maintain a large pool of prospects by developing lasting relationships with employees and employing a variety of advertising trusted channels. Our committed staff of recruiters works around the clock to build a new pool that is managed by our robust database system and divided into groups based on the candidates' availability and preferred types of work. These candidates are constantly placed with various clients and are never left unemployed.

What type of clients/industries Appoint Staffing work with?  

Our services range from offering Temp Labor Workforce to Administrative Staff. We work with all clients who require seasonal workforce ranging from Labor Workforce to Administrative staff in Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for TEMPS you are at the right place. Get in touch with one of our Client Relations Managers TODAY!

I have never used a Staffing agency before for hiring seasonal workforce and I really am not sure how it can benefit my company?  

It is always the first time for everything. If you have never used a Staffing agency before then certainly you haven’t experience how it can streamline your processes for being more competitive. If you often require workforce for general work it’s time that you consult Appoint Staffing and get to know how you can save time and be more efficient in being more competitive in the market.

How does Appoint Staffing handle poor placements?  

We handle poor placements very professionally and try to not repeat the mistake. Being a best staffing agency in Canada, we take an extra effort to satisfy our clients requirements and try not to repeat the mistake. As we work to meet the needs of our clients and match right placements as according to working activities that may give our clients a competitive edge, meet work objectives on time, and hassle free.