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Facts & Questions

Is Appoint Staffing an Equal Opportunity Employer? 

We value equal opportunity and treat all candidates fairly at Appoint Staffing. We do not favor applicants based on their gender, race, religion, political beliefs, or any other characteristics unrelated to their suitability for the position. As a best staffing agency in Toronto, we value, respect, and care for our people. If you are looking for work and considering staffing agency you are at the right place. We work by the code of honesty, respect, and dedication.

How soon will I be able to find work after registering with Appoint Staffing?

The first step is to get registered with Appoint Staffing for finding a suitable placement as according to your profile. Every day, we have new job opportunities from our clients and after your registration with us we will be able to find a suitable work opportunity for you. Apply now on our Careers Page and be in our network for incredible work opportunities.