Appoint Staffing – The Best Temp Staffing Agency in Etobicoke

Temp Staffing Agency

Appoint Staffing – The Best Temp Staffing Agency in Etobicoke

Appoint Staffing is amongst the best Temp Staffing Agencies located in Etobicoke. Our areas of expertise ranges from offering General Labor to Skilled Workers for various industries throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Leading names from a variety of industries including food processing, beverages, baking, manufacturing, logistics and warehouses are represented in our Client Portfolio.

Our Goal

We envision Appoint Staffing amongst most trusted and reliable staffing agencies found in Canada. We strongly believe in honesty as it is the key to developing trusted relationship amongst our clients and people who works for us. 

We are on a mission to establish trusted relationship with our clients in order to help use our staffing solutions to their fullest potential in order to expand the pool with us, gain a competitive edge and empower them to make a choice to work with Professionals.

Our Services

We represent trusted network of skilled and un-skilled people for your assistance. Our vast network of people allows us to fulfill client requirements on time and with the right workforce. You will find a significant difference with Appoint Staffing employees working at your facility against other vendors in service with. We recognize the value of having a competent workforce as for us it is the foundation of long-lasting business relationship.  

  • General Labor 
  • Forklift Operator
  • Bakery Mixer
  • Picker / Packer
  • Line Lead & Operator
  • Shipper / Receiver
  • Order Picker
  • Material Handler
  • Load / Off Loading
  • Machine Operator
  • Receptionist & Office Administration

Industries we serve

Appoint Staffing is in collaboration with big names assisting them with staffing solutions on Temporary, Contract and on full-time basis. Mostly organization collaborate with us for contingent workforce to manage Temporary Positions. 

Ready to transform your hiring procedure for Temporary Positions in manufacturing, food & beverages, bakeries, warehouse & logistics, transportation, packaging & labeling, textile & clothing, metal & recycling and others?

Contact us to schedule an in-person meeting with our Sales Team:

Reasons we are amongst the Best Staffing Agencies

Appoint Staffing is the fastest growing and amongst the best staffing agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. We highly appreciate our team members and clients for trusting us with their employment and Temp Staffing needs. We are being recognized for multiple reasons:

1. Honesty

We firmly believe in honesty which is one of the reasons which makes us amongst the most trusted and reliable staffing agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. It enhance the trust and solid the relationship with our clients and workforce allowing us deliver excellence.

2. Problem-Solver

We aim to resolve all challenges associated with our clients and people. Challenges are experienced and are present. There is no work without challenges or issues. What is important, how fast a team can resolve a problem offering a competitive solution.

We have a history of catering issues for our clients and helping them meet possible solutions at the right time with right resources. We make the job easier and simple and that is what makes us amongst the best staffing agencies in the Greater Toronto Area.

3. Work Ethics

Work Ethics represents a company and we train our employees on maintaining professionalism throughout their work tenure and adapting to working environment as per instructions.

4. Solid Network of Candidates

Appoint Staffing has solid pool of candidates and have capability to accommodate bulk requirements the same day.

5. Our Team

All our departments functions as one and share a common principle getting known as the best staffing agency in the Greater Toronto Area. Appoint Staffing team members are responsible, dedicated and experienced to cater any challenge and offer flexible solutions. 

Why Chose us?

1. No Cash Policy

We are a no cash agency. We do not involve with any cash work. Our processes are automated and we do not promote working on cash basis with our clients or  temporary employees.

2. Fastest Order Fulfillment

At many instances, we have managed and accommodated our clients with a bulk order for contingent labor workforce in less than 5 hours’ time-frame. Our recruiters are highly skillful and eligible to meet any bulk order at any given time frame.

3. Best Staffing Support

We are always available to entertain your queries and concerns. We function as one team which allows us to accommodate your queries regarding our staff on time and offer flexible solutions.

4. Dedicated Online Client Portal

Appoint Staffing has a dedicated online portal for our clients. It eliminates the communication gap between both the parties. The portal also assist with eliminating many administrative tasks saving time and resources.

5. Well Trained and Professional Workforce

Our workforce represents Appoint Staffing and all of them go through a training process before dispatching to our clients facility. All workforce is trained on being responsible, introduced with basic work ethics, health & safety and additional trainings as required by the clients.

Looking to on-board a new staffing vendor to manage your staffing needs for the Warehouse, Manufacturing or production facility? Contact us to schedule an in-person meeting with our sales team to discuss further possibilities for a potential collaboration. 

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